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Our Values

Core values

Our core values comprise intangible structures upon which LiEF is set up and sustained, which buttress the mission & vision as well as shape the organizational culture at LINDORDES. They also depict our deep-rooted beliefs that will transcend generation of employees, partners and beneficiaries as stakeholders. They comprise our ideologies and beliefs. Our core values include:

  • Compassion for equity
  • Honesty of purpose
  • Transparency in operations
  • Accountability of actions
  • Equity in decision making
  • Commitment to quality
  • Diversity for creativity
  • Fairness in operations
  • Integrity of intent.

These will ensure that the quality of projects are based on international best practice, such that for instance, relief materials are not diverted and that they reach the intended recipients at the appropriate – time, quality & quantity.

Our core values will ensure proper book keeping of all transactions comprised of
receipts (from donations and grants) and expenditure will be maintained & audited by independent accountants. This will enhance our planning and decision making process towards attaining and maintaining high-standard deliverables; adequate enlightenment of our host communities.