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About Us


Empowering rural people and communities


To contribute to Nigeria’s development status through healthcare service, poverty alleviation and educational development programs with a focus on the most vulnerable sub groups.


To work with systematically generated information from valid data collection, processing to interpretation, to ensure effective project implementation.

  • Doris Ikashi, Founder

    Attaining an inclusive socioeconomic development status requires the conscious joint effort of the public, private and nongovernmental sectors, in which every sector is dedicated to their role.

Organization goals

Our goals at LINDORDES Empowerment Foundation (LiEF) tappers on socioeconomic
development with a focus on vulnerable groups including: children, youths and women. We are guided by the following goals and objectives designed to streamline our focus on our mission and vision, as follows:

Goal 1

To work with local people as key stakeholders of the development process
Objective 1: To conceive & implement people&community based projects
Objective 2: To incorporate people in respective communities as the pivot of
development projects

Goal 2

To approach projects as truly unique from (every) contiguous communities
Objective 1: To create circumstance specific projects across communities
Objective 2: To incorporate social structure dynamics in each communities project
Objective 3: to incorporate an integrated outcomes approach in project

Goal 3

To pay attention to the environment in rural communities and how they can be
sustainably managed.
Objective 1: To incorporate environmental specific dynamics in each community’s
Objective 2: To ensure our projects make for natural regeneration of flora and
fauna towards maintaining environmental balance
Objective 3: To adapt basic scientific principles and technology in managing the

Goal 4

To contribute to the availability and quality of healthcare delivery in communities
Objective 1: To subsidize medical bills for indigent people in rural communities;
Objective 2: To sensitize communities on preventive mechanisms;
Objective 3: To subsidize medical diagnosis for communities.

Non-governmental orientation

As an operational non-governmental organization our value delivery comprises mainly pro-development activities over relief provision.